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We have been successfully distributing products throughout the world for more than 7 years; so we know what we are doing.

About us

ASA Distribution’s mission is to provide a complete distribution service to companies, taking advantage of the experience we have to implement the products in the US market. We use our internal resources to increase and improve the reputation of the brand. All this while complying with delivery terms and providing excellent customer service.

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Our Services

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We have an extensive logistics network to deliver orders to any destination in the shortest time possible; and of course, at the lowest possible cost. In this way we can make our experience and our facilities represent savings for you.


We have an internal team of Marketing professionals who will study how and to whom to sell your products in the most efficient way. This is with the intention of increasing customer acquisition and retention, potentially increasing periodical sales. Our team is always working to maintain a network of loyal and profitable customers, to move as much product and as quickly as possible.

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Are you a wholesaler?

Did you know that you can buy our products at a very special price and get offers and discounts? Contact us through this form and one of our sales representatives will call you. We have a very wide catalog of products that can help you stock your stores.

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