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Asa Distribution Exclusive brands

We have an exclusive distribution contract for several Spanish brands in the US market.

Among them we must highlight:

asa distribution inc ana maria lajusticia

Ana María Lajusticia

Ana María Lajusticia is a wise woman beyond her years. She has dedicated her entire life to spreading her knowledge of science and nutrition, becoming a recognized expert in dietetics and nutrition.

We offer the best Collagen and Magnesium supplements to treat and prevent problems associated with an unbalanced diet. As the exclusive distributor of Ana María Lajusticia we have the advantage of having our products with a bilingual label (in Spanish and English). Ana María Lajusticia has products from the following categories: (Joints, Emotional Balance, Muscle Relaxation, Cardioprotective, Women, Defenses and Energy and Vitamins)

xhekpon asa distribution inc


Xhekpon is a brand of dermo-cosmetics for all skin types, with regenerative effects that counteract skin aging. All Xhekpon anti-aging products have collagen as the main component. Filling, and deeply moisturizing your skin, thus giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Xhekpon anti-aging cream for face, neck and cleavage has many active ingredients such as collagen and aloe vera to:

  • Stimulate skin renewal
  • Combat Wrinkles
  • Delay Skin aging
  • Improve skin hydration and texture
  • Soften and smoothen skin
aml sport asa distribution inc

AML Sport

AML Sport is Ana María Lajusticia’s brand focused on muscle recovery and the performance of athletes and sportspeople. As in Ana María Lajusticia, we have bilingual labels and packaging.

a313 asa distribution inc


The A313 ointment is the closest product to the old Avibon cream on the market. It has always been, and is, one of the best-kept cult secrets of French women: a retinol ointment.

Its formula allows retinol to penetrate the skin and vitamin A to do its job. That is to say: it moisturizes, prevents wrinkles, blurs blemishes and is also great if you have acne or blackheads.