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asa distribution inc distribution service


We have an extensive logistics network to deliver orders to any destination in the shortest time possible; and of course, at the lowest possible cost. In this way we can make our experience and our facilities represent savings for you.

We have a team of professionals about tariffs  and compliance with customs regulations so that your products are not retained; thus, reducing the delivery time and the possibility of delay in orders.


We have an in-house team of marketing experts who will research how and who can sell your product in the most effective way. All of this is done to increase customer acquisition and retention, potentially increasing repeat sales. Our team has been working hard to maintain a network of loyal and profitable customers to get as much product as possible.

We know that inconveniences come from anywhere, which is why we also have a customer service team capable of resolving any concerns or questions that any of our customers may have. I (supplier and end customer) can find.